Furtak K., Grządziel J., Gałązka A. (2022): Can Model Experiments Give Insight into the Response of the Soil Environment to Flooding? A Comparison of Microcosm and Natural Event. Biology, 11, 3, 386, https://doi.org/10.3390/biology11030386 (100 pkt. MEiN; IF = 5.079)


DOI: https://doi.org/10.3390/biology11030386




Studies using soil microcosms are very common, but few involve flooded soils, and comparing the results from such an experiment with natural conditions is unheard of. In the present study, we investigated the biological activity of soil (pH value, dehydrogenases and phosphatase activities) and the metabolic potential (EcoPlate™ Biolog®) of soil microorganisms in three fluvisol subjected to flooding under laboratory and natural conditions. The results indicate that soil flooding under both natural and laboratory conditions affected soil pH, enzymatic activity and metabolic potential (AWCD, average well colour development) of soil microorganisms. Changes in these parameters are more pronounced in the microcosmic experiment than in the field conditions. Furthermore, depending on the characteristics of the soil (i.e., its type, structure, vegetation) some of the soil quality parameters may return to their preflood state. Microcosm studies are needed in environmental ecology and microbiology to predict changes due to various factors, but their scale and course must be carefully planned.


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