Bhattacharyya S.S., Ros G.H., Furtak K., Iqbal H.M.N., Parra-Saldivar R. (2022): Soil carbon sequestration – An interplay between soil microbial community and soil organic matter dynamics. Science of The Total Environment, 152928, (200 pkt. MEiN; IF = 7.963)


DOI: – 50 dni darmowego dostępu do pełnej treści publikacji (04.03.2022.)




Soil carbon sequestration (SCS) refers to the uptake of carbon (C) containing substances from the atmosphere and its storage in soil C pools. Soil microbial community (SMC) play a major role in C cycling and their activity has been considered as the main driver of differences in the potential to store C in soils. The composition of the SMC is crucial for the maintenance of soil ecosystem services, as the structure and activity of SMC also regulates the turnover and delivery of nutrients, as well as the rate of decomposition of soil organic matter (SOM). Quantifying the impact of agricultural practices on both SMC and SCS is key to improve sustainability of soil management. . Hence, we discuss the impact of farming practices improving SCS by altering SMC, SOM, and soil aggregates, unraveling their inter-and intra-relationships. Using quantitative and process driven insights from 197 peer-reviewed publications leads to the conclusion that the net benefits from agricultural management to improve SCS would not be sustainable if we overlook the role of soil microbial community. Reintroduction of the decayed microbial community to agricultural soils is crucial for enhancing long-term C storage potential of soils and stabilize them over time. The interactions among SMC, SOM, soil aggregates, and agricultural activities still require more knowledge and research to understand their full contribution to the SCS.

Nowa publikacja w Science of The Total Environment

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