Wolińska A., Włodarczyk K., Kuźniar A., Marzec-Grządziel A., Grządziel J., Gałązka A., Uzarowicz Ł. (2020): Soil Microbial Community Profiling and Bacterial Metabolic Activity of Technosols as an Effect of Soil Properties following Land Reclamation: A Case Study from the Abandoned Iron Sulphide and Uranium Mine in Rudki (South-Central Poland). Agronomy, 10, 1795 (100 pkt. MNiSW; IF = 2.603)


DOI: https://www.mdpi.com/2073-4395/10/11/1795




The aims of the study were (1) to recognize the structure of bacteria diversity in Technosols developed from mine spoils containing iron (Fe) sulphides with the use of culture-independent technique, and (2) to determine microbial metabolic activities, in the context of their potential to be an adequate indicators of soil properties being the consequence of land reclamation. The study site was located in the vicinity of the abandoned Fe sulphide and uranium mine in Rudki village (Holy Cross Mts., Poland). Three soil profiles with different chemical properties (pH, content of carbonates, soil salinity, content of total organic carbon and total nitrogen) were studied. Biodiversity was determined with the use of meta-barcoding of 16S rRNA community profiling analysis based on the hypervariable V3-V4 region of 16S rRNA gene (MiSeq, Illumina). The catabolic fingerprinting of soil microbial communities was evaluated with the use of Biolog®EcoPlates™ System. It was evidenced that changes in microbial structure and their metabolic activity were the consequence of a combined effect of both the soil depth and soil chemical properties being the final result of reclamation process. Consequently, microbial indicators (from phyla to genera level) indirectly testifying about success or ineffectiveness of reclamation in technogenic soils were recommended. To our best knowledge, the present study is the first insight into Polish Technosols biodiversity and catabolic activity.

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