Gałązka A., Jończyk K., Gawryjołek K., Ciepiel J. (2019) The impact of biochar doses on soil quality and microbial functional diversity. BioRes. 14(4), 7852-7868.







Changes of soil biological activity and microbial diversity were assessed after application of biochar in different doses. The biochar doses were determined based on the initial carbon content in the soil, and they were increased to 2.5%, 5%, 10%, 20%, 50%, and 100% in the experimental conditions. The experiment design also included a control condition, which was not treated with biochar. The basic biological activities in the soil, i.e., enzymatic activity and the content of carbon and nitrogen in the microbial biomass, were determined. Additionally, the functional biodiversity of soil microorganisms was assessed using the Biolog EcoPlates method. It was demonstrated that biochar added to the soil at the dose of 10 to 20% significantly increased soil biological activity and functional diversity. The biochar dose of 10 to 20% was the optimal dose for enhancement of soil biological activity. This dose induced a significant increase in the total carbon content in the microbial biomass, enzymatic activity, and the overall content of total and easily extractable glomalins. The highest values of the Shannon and AWCD indices were determined in soil supplemented with 5 to 20% of biochar.

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