Gałązka A., Grzęda E., Jończyk K. (2019): Changes of Microbial Diversity in Rhizosphere Soils of New Quality Varieties of Winter Wheat Cultivation in Organic Farming. Sustainability, 11, 4057; doi:10.3390/su11154057.







The aim of this paper was to evaluation functional diversity in rhizosphere soils of new quality varieties of winter wheat cultivation in organic farming. Field experiments were carried out in 2017 and 2018. Twelve commercial winter wheat varieties were selected for testing: Arktis, Bellisa, Estivus, Fidelius, Hondia, Jantarka, KWS Ozon, Linus, Markiza, Ostka Strzelecka, Pokusa, and Rokosz. Winter wheat cultivars were chosen for their high yielding potential and good tolerance to fungal diseases. In the plant production conducted in accordance with the principles of organic farming, the selection of the best quality varieties is a key element of agrotechnics. The samples of rhizosphere soils were collected each year in two seasons: spring and summer. The basic parameters of soil biological activities and microbial biodiversity indicators were determined. The high variability of biological activity and functional diversity of rhizosphere soils in the growing season between particular varieties of winter wheat was observed. The rhizosphere soils from varieties such as Bellisa, Arktis, Jantarka, Fidelius, Ostka Strzelecka, Pokusa, Rokosz and KWS Ozon were characterized by high biological activity and functional biodiversity. On the other hand, the soils collected from the varieties Estivus, Fidelius, Jantarkaand Hondia were characterized by medium and low biological activity and biodiversity indices. The highest yield was found in winter wheat varieties such as Bellisa, Fidelius and Jantarka. The results of these analyses allows for a more complete characterization of the yield potential of the tested varieties and their suitability for cultivation in the conditions of organic farming, taking into account the biological activity of soils.

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