Assessment of the glomalins content in the soil under winter wheat in different crop production systems, Gałązka A., Gawryjołek K., Gajda A.Furtak K., Księżniak A., Jończyk K., Plant, Soil and Environment, 2018, 64: 32-3

Link do publikacji: Plant, Soil and Environment



The aim of the study was to evaluate the glomalins content (total glomalin (TG), easily extractable glomalin (EEG) and glomalin-related soil proteins (GRSP)) in the soil under winter wheat from different crop production systems. The experiment involved four different cultivation systems: organic, integrated (INT), conventional (CON), monoculture-conventional (MON). The highest content of TG and GRSP proteins were observed in organic system. A strong positive correlation was observed between the total number of glomalins and dehydrogenase activity and organic matter. A strong correlation between TG and GRSP content was observed (r = 0.93) as well as between EEG and GRSP (r = 0.79). The highest yields of winter wheat were observed in CON (9.12 t/ha) and INT (9.04 t/ha) systems, while the lowest in monoculture (4.47 t/ha).
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