Gajda A.M., Czyż E.A., Furtak K., Jończyk K., 2019. Effects of crop production practices on soil characteristics and metabolic diversity of microbial communities under winter wheat. Soil Research,




The aim of this research was to compare the effects of organic (ORG, no mineral fertilisers and pesticides) and conventional (CON, with mineral fertilisation and plant protection chemicals) crop production systems on some soil properties: soil organic matter (SOM) and particulate organic matter (POM) contents, dehydrogenase activity and metabolic microbial diversity (Biolog EcoPlate™). Samples of Haplic Luvisol soil were collected from 23-year-old experimental fields under winter wheat from the depth layers of 0–5, 5–10, 15–20 and 30–35 cm. Soil under ORG showed higher contents of SOM, POM and POM expressed as a percentage of SOM by 16.0%, 25.6% and 23.9% respectively, in particular down to 5 cm depth, compared with the CON system. Also, dehydrogenase activity was 47.5% higher under the ORG than the CON system. The Biolog EcoPlate revealed higher metabolic microbial diversity in soil under ORG crop production system compared with CON. This result was supported by the average well colour development and Shannon’s diversity index values. Significant correlations between soil quality parameters and winter wheat yield confirmed their effectiveness as indicators of soil disturbance. The results showed that the ORG system much better maintained SOM and soil fertility compared with CON.


Keywords: Biolog EcoPlate, management systems, microbialmetabolic diversity, soil properties, Triticum aestivum L.

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