Furtak K., Grządziel J., Gałązka A., Niedźwiecki J. (2019): Analysis of Soil Properties, Bacterial Community Composition, and Metabolic Diversity in Fluvisols of a Floodplain Area. Sustainability; 11, 14, 3929; https://doi.org/10.3390/su11143929

LINK do publikacji: https://www.mdpi.com/2071-1050/11/14/3929/htm



The quality of a soil environment affects the microbial community that inhabits it. We decided to examine whether soils formed from river sediments, located in an area of high biodiversity of organisms, are fertile and microbiologically diverse. Fluvisols are considered to be one of the most fertile soils. In this research, bacterial and metabolic diversity, as well as physico–chemical parameters, in three Fluvisols from the Vistula River Gorge of Lesser Poland was investigated. The analysis of physico–chemical and biological parameters demonstrated statistically significant differences between the three Fluvisols examined. While determining the metabolic potential of soil microbiomes with the use of the EcoPlate™ Biolog® technique, we also noted variation between the Fluvisols; however, they were arranged in a significantly different manner from other properties. The next generation sequencing method enabled us to determine the microorganisms common to three Fluvisols, and we identified bacteria specific to individual soils. These results corresponded with the data obtained through EcoPlate™, indicating that the structural diversity and metabolic potential of the microbiome does not always depend on soil quality parameters. Meanwhile, the increased structural diversity of the microbiome was found to improve the metabolic potential of soil microorganisms.

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