Od 15 listopada 2021 oficjalnie rozpoczęła się realizacja projektu ALL-Organic: Agroecology Living Labs to promote robust and resilient Organic production systems, w którym Zakład Mikrobiologii Rolniczej jest odpowiedzialny realizację zadania dotyczącego bioróżnorodności funkcjonalnej mikroorganizmów.


Projekt jest realizowany w ramach konkursu ERA-NET CORE Organic Cofund Third Call 2021. Projekt został wybrany w ramach podtematu 2 – Wsparcie na rzecz stabilnych i odpornych systemów produkcji roślinnej”.


Koordynatorem prac w projekcie ze strony IUNG-PIB jest dr Adam Berbeć z Zakładu Systemów i Ekonomiki Produkcji Roślinnej.


Nasz Zakład jest odpowiedzialny realizację zadania dotyczącego bioróżnorodności funkcjonalnej mikroorganizmów – Task 2.2. Diversity and functionality of soil microorganisms. Kierownikiem zadania jest dr hab. Anna Gałązka, prof. IUNG-PIB.




Streszczenie projektu


The integration of agroecological approach with the enhancement of functional agro-biodiversity in organic farming systems is seen as a key lever for the development of sustainable, robust and resilient agriculture productions. This requires transformative changes based on the redesign of the organic agroecosystems to increase their spatial, temporal and genetic diversification in order to amplify ecosystem services. But more knowledge on the relations among diversification components and their agroenvironmental and socio-economic performances is needed to support system redesign. The main objective of ALL-Organic is to promote and support the development of diversified organic food systems in European and Mediterranean areas setting up a network of Agroecology Living Laboratories (ALLs) established in the consortium countries. Farmers and other local actors will be engaged as crucial partners for the co-design and the co-development of locally adapted, well (spatial, temporal and genetic) diversified and viable organic systems which will be tested carrying out experimental trials on both research stations and working farms in each ALL. Innovations and practices tested in the biophysical dimension of the ALLs will be analysed and monitored in their socio-economic contexts and mobilizing the socio-relational dimension of each ALL represented by local communities of actors and stakeholders who participate in the processes and influence the organic production/consumption landscape. Data collection in research stations and working farms, information sharing occurring within each ALL and across the network will ensure capitalisation of knowledge and know-how and will serve in the development of tailored agri-food networks for which environmental, social and economic implications and benefits for consumers and society will be defined.

Zakład Mikrobiologii Rolniczej członkiem konsorcjum w projekcie ALL-Organic Agroecology Living Labs to promote robust and resilient Organic production systems

Zakład Mikrobiologii Rolniczej
IUNG-PIB w Puławach


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